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Because True love stories never have endings!

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Price List / Lista de Precios

 English: $240.00*

Spanish: $270.00*

Bilingual: $300.00*

*Plus mileage if travel over 30 miles is needed.

Rehearsal: $80.00

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  • I can perform wedding ceremonies in any state.
  • If your event requires me to travel, call me!! I would gladly provide you with a quote.

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  •  As a retainer or deposit fee, I charge $100 of the quoted price. The rest is due on the date of service.

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  • Notice of cancellation must be made two weeks before the ceremony in order to obtain a refund of the retainer fee.

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  •  Cancellations made less than two weeks prior to wedding day will forfeit the retainer fee.

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Ingles: $240.00*

EspaƱol: $270.00*

Bilingue: $300.00*

* Mas millaje si se requiere que viaje mas de 30 millas.

Ensayo: $80.00

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  • Puedo oficiar ceremonies en cualquier estado.
  • Con gusto le dare un estimado si necesita que viaje al destino de su boda.

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  • Para reservar una fecha solicito un deposito de $100 de el precio acordado.

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  • Para cancelar, debe avisar 2 semanas antes de la fecha de la ceremonia para poder obtener un reembolso de el deposito.

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  • Cancelaciones hechas a menos de dos semanas de la fecha de la ceremonia perderan el derecho de reembolso.

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If you would like to reserve a date please call 619-218-1608

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Payments can be made via, Cash , Check, Venmo or Square.

Now accepting Crypto Currency via Coinbase or BlockFi.